Message by Pastor David Whitmore for September 10: What Do You Remember?

We are celebrating 59 years as a ministry to people with disabilities. As I thought about all the Homecomings I have been to at Bartimaeus I can remember so many good times. That is how it should be. There have been many things that happened at this church that could discourage me but the memories I have are those times that God just lifted me up. I speak to you this week about how we need to manage our memories. I talk about the scripture verses in Exodus 14:5-25. This is the story of the children of Israel fleeing Egypt and coming to the Red Sea. The Egyptian army was behind them and the Red Sea was before them and they began to believe it would have been better to stay in Egypt them to die here. They forgot all the things that God had done for them to lead then out of Egypt and lost the faith that God could save them. When we forget God’s power we forget his love for us as well. We are people who are who we are in part because of what we choose to remember. If you only remember the bad things in your past you will not succeed in the future, on the other hand if you will forget the bad things you have gone through and reflect on the good you will live a much happier, joyous and productive life. Don’t let the ghost from your past choke out your future.

Extracted from the pastor’s message introduction)

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