Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of April 6

Kingston is in remission.  He still needs treatments but he is doing well.  Pam is thankful that God is in control.  Jana is rejoicing to have Janelle with her today and so are we.  We thank The Lord for the rain!  Several of us are just praising The Lord because He is who He is and provides for us.  Kelly is getting better and walking a little in therapy.

Pray for Ruth’s sister who got back a troubling medical report.  Cathy and Lisa are sick with a virus.  Pam has a friend Cynthia who is going into hospice.  Anna dropped a large box on her foot and is in not able to drive because of the pain.  Dede wants us to pray for good results as she goes to the doctor this week.  Jana prays for her family and all of us as we go through our daily activities.  Linda will have medical testing this week in preparation for a new medication.  She asks prayer that she may continue on to serve The Lord.  Pray for John’s health.  Tim and Cindy are also out sick.


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