Sunday April 6, 2014 "Chris Hale brings the message"

We had another great day in church at Bartimaeus last week. I want to think Sandra Hart for sharing her information with us on how she is helping disabled people throughout the City.  It was very helpful and informing. Thanks to Linda to allow Sandra to have her Sunday School time.  Larry brought his message on Joseph.  He showed us  no matter how bad your situation is, God is still in control and will make something good out of your bad situation.  We tend to over emphasize our problems and underestimate God.  I hope you can see that we should not just give up and say, what’s the use? God is not done yet and neither are you.

This week we will have a guest speaker for the preaching portion of our service.  Chris Hale will be with us.  Chris is starting out as a motivational speaker and he will bring a message from Proverbs 3 verses 5-6. These are words mean something to Chris and I hope they will mean something to you as well.  Please plan on being at church this week and invite someone to come with you.  Pris will lead us in Sunday school starting at 2:30.

It was so nice to see April and her friend Ron back in church last week. April will be here for a while before she heads back to Wisconsin.  April sang for us last week and it was so special. We missed Ruth last week as she was visiting with her sister but she is back now and will be back with us on Sunday.  We also loved having Sandra back with us as well.  Cathy brought several articles of clothes that her Mother in Law no longer needed and she was able to give these to many of the women in church, thank you so much Cathy.

We had several prayer request in the service last week you need to go to our “Prayer Room” on the website and remember those that were mentioned.  I want to think Tim and Cindy for having the idea to put our website on the bus and they are working with Linda on having a sign made for the bus.  I hope it will be ready soon!  We are so grateful for all the work all of you do every week to help this ministry keep going.  You are really a special group of people.  Just know that the reason you are special is because Christ lives in you, share that gift with someone today.  We love you and can’t wait to see you on Sunday!

We love you so much

Pastor David and Pris


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