Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of December 17

Merry Christmas! Rejoice with us and pray with us.

Lupe is feeling much better. Cindy and her family are feeling better. Travis got an unexpected gift last week. John got a new chair that is better for his legs. Tim rejoices to be here and feeling better after being really sick. Didi is thankful to be feeling better, here, and having a place to live. Ruth thanks the Lord that she is able to be here after passing out last week. Edith is sleeping without help.

Keep praying for Priscilla. Pray for Linda as she starts new treatment this week. I’m still praying for healing for her. Pam asks prayer for Chris’s brother-in-law Rusty concerning circulatory problems. She also asks prayer for her medical needs. Didi asks that we keep praying for her eyes. Lupe asks prayer for her family. Brenda asks prayer for her son’s mother’in-law who went into the hospital last night. She asks prayer for an acquaintance who has cancer. His name is Gordon. Cindy asks prayer for her family.

Give Jesus something He would like for His birthday. Be a blessing this Christmas season.


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