Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of January 7

Happy New Year! We’re so glad to be back in church for the first Sunday of 2018! Rejoice with us and pray with us.

Kim rejoices to be here and we all thank the Lord that Priscilla is doing better and is standing up officiating today. Anita is walking without her walker. Mary rejoices that school is back in session and that a small fire at their home did not get out of control because they were home. Ruth is thankful for all of Cathy’s help and support. She is doing much better now. Lupe thanks the Lord that her daughter is making better decisions. She is thankful that her family seems closer. John is thankful for Kelvin’s friendship. Brenda enjoyed Christmas time with family. Clarke is improving.

Keep praying for him. He needs a more permanent living arrangement where he will have all the care he may need. Brenda had one that I missed and asks prayer for Steve, soneone she knows who has a medical need. Anita asks prayer for relationship with family members. Didi is having some trouble with neighbors. Cathy prays for a number of people who lost family members this week. Priscilla has a similar request for the Deleon family. Mary asks prayer for Tim as he seeks his CDL. She asks continued prayer for her children. Rachel asked that God help her to tell the truth. John needs better footware. Edith is suffering arthritis flareups that make it hard to walk. Lupe asks continued prayer for her family. Keep praying for Linda.

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