Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of February 1

Kim is happy to be back and we’re glad to have her back! Pam thanks the Lord that we got everyone off the bus and got it working. I missed a couple more praise reports.  Always good to have too many of those to capture.

Pray for Richard Boles. He’s in ICU with an infection. Les asked that we pray for his wife. Pray for Kim who needs to have surgery and can’t if she is still having breathing problems. Pray for little Kenny. Pray for Brenda’s friend Ann and her mother Missy. Shelly asks prayer for Mr. Ward and a friend of hers who is very ill. I’m sorry I missed the name. Pray for Shelly and Clark as they decide what they need to do next. Pray for Kelly. Debra wants us to pray for her. Pam asks prayer for Chris who has been ill for some time and also for his mother. Pray for Micki as she is suffering from a change in medication. Pray for Dede. The Terrells are all home with pinkeye. Keep praying for Priscilla’s sister in hospice.

I didn’t do a good job of capturing everything that was said today.  Feel free to comment with anything I missed.

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