Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of January 25

We’re delighted to have John back with us. Shelly got a new job and it seems they will keep their place. She and Clark expect to have transportation soon. Pam is hopeful about a new job. Linda it excited about the opportunity to publish an article lauding the efforts of the church we visited who made the accessibility renovations Ruth thanks the Lord that her sister is getting better. Brenda says her friend Charles and B.J. are doing better. Karen is thankful that she was moved to a better room.

Brenda asks us to pray for Kay, richard, and Annette. Tim is out sick today. Kimi is feeling sick again and so is Kenneth. Pray for the family of a coworker of mine who has lost a member. Pray for the Harris family. Dede prays for Andrew. Lupe isn’t here after having a minor fall.

Be an answer to prayer this week.

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