Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of January 17

Praise the Lord for his grace and mercy toward us.  Rejoice with us and pray over these requests this week.
Pam rejoices that prospects look good for her friend Michelle to get a job.  Kim is looking forward to getting treatment that she needs and is thankful to have it available.  Ana is thankful that the financial burden that might have been left to her  has been lifted.  Ruth says her sister Mary Ellen is doing better but still needs our prayers.  Priscilla also thanks the Lord that Kim is getting what she needs.  She had a good time with her father and feels better about that situation.  She enjoyed her day.  Lisa says Jane is doing well.  Shelly rejoices that Clark got what he was due .
Shelly prays for peace as she handles a bank error.  Pray for Priscilla as she is having more trouble with her eye.  We’re delighted to have Debra with us today.  Keep praying for her.  Vertigo is causing her to fall.  She has a medical alert unit that does not appear to be working properly.  Kim is having trouble with fatigue.  Tim is out sick today with breathing trouble.  Keep praying for Kelly.

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