Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of January 24

Rejoice with us in what God has done and pray with us over these requests.
Shelly got a promotion!  She also found a good doctor to help her.  Someone supposedly talked to Kelly yesterday.  We are delighted to have our first visitor from DTS’s Agape project with us today.  We look forward to working with them in the future.  Cathy celebrated her mother-in-law’s 94th birthday last week.  Dee thanks the Lord that she has a better job and was able to pay off her vehicle.  Lisa is thankful for good things that have come to Jane.  Pastor David and all of us are glad to have Kelvin back with us today.  Our modified baptismal is almost ready!  Linda is thankful that God worked things out when she got stuck in her van last week.
Keep praying that Kelly is ok.  Shelly prays for the right solution to her medical issues.  Pray for Clark as well.  Pray for the son of the woman who was going to come and sing today.  Her name is Leah.  The child has a brain tumor and may not  survive.  The Terrells are having problems with plumbing and have been sick.  Debra needs medical treatment that has been delayed because of insurance.  It could make the migraines and vertigo worse.  Kim asks prayer for Lilly, a friend who is pregnant and being abused and may lose the child.  Pray for another friend, Domingo who needs dental work.  Pray for Kim’s health needs.  Keep praying for those still dealing with the results of the storms.  Our visitor Craig prays for his brother Ken who has cancer and  is not a believer.  Craig is having problems with his back that are keeping him from sleeping well. 
Be blessed to be a blessing this week!.

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