Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of January 18

Ruth praises God for getting up this morning. Clark is thankful for a good week and the blessings that God has given. Cathy says the church is getting a stove donated. Karen is walking better on a new walker. Anita praises God that all her medications came in. Jana rejoices in her daughter’s advancement. Karen praises the Lord for her granddaughter on a mission to India. Cindy thanks God for good things in the family. Latrice got her new apartment and is getting the opportunity to travel and share concerning issues peopel in her condition are facing. Mary rejoices in being ready for he classes. She is thankful that Travis is ok after falling off of the bet. Jana thanks God for unexpected financial blessing.

Keep praying for Dede’s situation. Pray for the family of Joe, who just lost a son. Pray for peace and comfort for Micki. Keep praying for Kelly. Keep praying for Richard Blake who has now been moved to a rehab facility. Keep praying for Perry Fleman’s ongoing health issues. Keep praying for Richard Boles who remains in the hospital with a hernia and other serious medical issues. Pray for Brenda’s friend Charles facing medical and mental health issues. Pray for my uncle David who is being tested for possible cancer. Keep praying for Brenda’s friend Patricia. Dede also prays for several friends who are ill and for her own health. Cindy prays for Mary as she starts school. Jana may need surgery on her leg and is having trouble with her eyes. Kimi had to go back to the hospital today. We dont’ know at this time whether they will keep her. She is having trouble breathing.

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