Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of July 16

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
Ruth is thankful to be here and alive.  Tim thanks the Lord for the support of friends and family through his illness.  April is thankful to be able to pay us a visit and we’re glad to have her.  It’s good to have John back with us.  Cindy praises the Lord that her eyes are better after she hurt them.  Pam enjoyed her birthday and is thankful that her new shoes are coming.  She is walking today.  Lisa is thankful things are going well with Jane.  The pastor’s daughter Lindsey is home and getting better.  Kim is also improving and hopes to get the cast off in August.
Cathy’s mother-in-law is having more mental challenges.  Keep praying for Benny’s health.  Keep praying for Ruth.  Anita fell twice this week and is no longer able to stand.  Keep praying for Tim’s recovery.  Don has another test for kidney function this Tuesday.  April asks prayer regarding her engagement, grief over her mother, and health problems.  She also lost a friend unexpectedly last week.  Her name is Pat pray for her family.  Lisa asks us to pray for Cory.  Pam asks prayer for Chris’s mom suffering from dementia.  Keep praying for Kelly.  Cindy asks prayer for her family.  Brenda  asks that we pray for a postman named Don with cancer.  Pray for Linda.
Be a blessing this week, because you are blessed.

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