Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of July 9

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
Ruth praises the Lord that she feels much better. Cathy is thankful to have Ruth still with us.  She is thankful that Benny is recovering well.  We’re delighted to have Teresa back with us.  Don is thankful that his kidney function is much better than they first thought.  Pray for continued improvement.  Linda is thankful that her friend Angella is out of rehab and back home after her car accident.  She asks prayer for her continued recovery.
Cathy asks prayer for Rodney who recently had heart surgery.  Pray for Kelly.  We lost Mr. Rich last week.  Pray for Tim and Cindy.  Tim has shingles and Cindy has hurt her eyes.  Pastor’s daughter Lindsey fell and hurt herself.  Pray for Cathy’s mother-in-law who is having hallucinations.  Edith asks prayer regarding health decisions she needs to make.  Lisa is home caring for Cory because he is sick.
Be a blessing this week, because you are blessed!

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