Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of June 10

Pam is thankful that she got to go to the doctor and also got to spend time with friends.  Ruth praises the Lord for the time she was able to spend with her sister.  Linda rejoices in the opportunity we may have to start a bible study at a local rehab center.

Pray for the friends and family of Kine, a friend of Anna’s who has passed away.  Priscilla fainted on Thursday and went to the ER.  She has had high blood pressure and vertigo.  She’s feeling better now but keep her in your prayers.  Kim has had no change in the situation with her blood clot.  Don is awaiting information on his health situation.  Pray for Lupe and her aunt who has been sent home on hospice.  Dede lost her apartment.  Pray she finds a better place and for her family situation.  Pray for Kelly to get the help that she needs.  Brenda asks prayer for her daughter Sarah who is still experiencing pain.  Pray for Brenda’s safety and refreshment as she takes a trip for a vacation.  John has a problem with his hands.  Andrew asks prayer regarding family strife.


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