Sunday June 10th 2012 "How are dealing with stress?"

We had another great day in church on Sunday.  Priscilla is leading us through the book of Revelations and she was really feeling the work of the Holy Spirit in her life about what is our first Love and have we lost it?  She will have another study this week.  We had Richard and Barbara visiting again this week and it was really nice to see them again.  Cathy presented some plans for the new windows in church and we are so excited about the new look at the church, but as we talked about last week, the new look on the outside will not matter if we as the church are messed up on the inside.  I can’t wait to be back in church on Sunday.

This week I am going to bring a message from Mark the 6Th Chapter verses 14-29.  This is a sad story of how the pressure of life affected King Herod in making a good decision.  This is our story as well.  How many times have we caved into peer pressure or were afraid to look different, so we have gone along with the crowd.  We need to understand we as Christians are held to a higher standard then to just be like everyone else.  I am not saying we are better then everyone else but we have a higher calling.  We are to stand for something much greater than to just be part of the group.  We are a child of the King and we have a responsibility to share the Joy and Peace we have with others.  We cannot accept what the World is offering to us and expect to be effective.  Our mission in life is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone we meet.  We cannot be passive, we must be aggressive in our love for Christ and truly make him our first love.  Our motivation is to please him, not the World.  We do not want to be like King Herod in this story and be willing to do something we know is wrong just to save our face.  Pride is a stronghold that we must break before we can really be what God wants us to be.  Please come visit us in Church on Sunday.  We start at 2:30 and I promise you will be blessed!!

I hope are remembering to pray for those mentioned in Church last Sunday.  I am looking for someone to come and share a miracle they saw this week!  We are going to have Church at the park on Sunday July 1st. We will have food and fun and fellowship and we will have our service at the park.  We had a picnic at this park a couple of year ago and we had a great time, this will even be better.  Makes plans to be there and invite someone to come with you.  Keep up the good work faithful members of BBT. Keep doing good things and call someone this week and invite them to come with you on Sunday.  We Love you and will see you Sunday!!!

Pastor David & Pris


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