Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of March 11

John is thankful to wake up.  Kelly is thankful for money to sustain her.  Cindy is thankful that things went well for her daughter’s surgery.  Priscilla is thankful the little baby she was caring for had no serious injury after getting into some medicine.  Betty is glad that she came this afternoon.  Pam is praising God that she was able to reconnect with an old friend.

Pam asks prayer for her friend’s mom, Frances, who is sick. Betty needs her tooth fixed.  Lupe is down with the flu.  Pray for Kelly’s living situation.  Dede wants prayer for her cousin Tammy who has been feeling sick.  Pam wants us to pray for Sandy B.  She is going on a trip to Israel and needs her knee to heal before she leaves.  Kim goes to the doctor tomorrow to follow up on some test results.  Jana’s brother Paul is losing his eyesight.  Deborah is worried about her friend Julia who has cancer. She hasn’t been able to connect with her.

Today we learned about our responsibility before God.  I hope we will take that seriously, praying for, encouraging, and helping each other.  Be blessed to be a blessing this week.


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