Sunday March 11th, 2012 " Responsible Living "

It was a great day at BBT on Sunday.  There were a few members back that had been out for a while.  It was nice to have such a good group in church on Sunday.  I am hoping for even more this week.  Linda brought the Sunday school lesson on Discipleship; this was lesson number 4 of 6.  She will finish up over the next 2 weeks and I hope you have enjoyed these classes as much as I have.  I cant wait to be back this week.

This week I am going back to the Old Testament, way back to Exodus 20 chapter verses 1-17.  This sermon is about how to live responsibly.  This is where God gave us our instruction on how. We may be under a new convenient but we still must be responsible people.  What does that mean? Why is it so hard to act responsibly some times?  What is our responsibility to be a follower of Christ?  Are we shirking our responsibility when it comes to do good things? Are we doing going things for the right reason?  I challenge you every week to do good things but what am I talking about? Do we place blame on others so not to take responsibility ourselves?  WOW there are a lot of questions that need to be asked, hopefully we will have some answers on Sunday.  Please be in Church Sunday and help me answer some of these questions.

Cindy got a good report from the doctor on Monday and she has another appointment next week.  Little Cindy is having her Surgery today and is to get to come home tomorrow if all goes well.  Lets pray it does.  Priss and me are going on vacation leaving Thursday the 15Th and Larry will have the service on the 18Th.  Please pray for us as we travel and we will see you back on the 25Th.  Keep praying for the renovations that we are beginning on the Church this week.  Pray for the ones in our congregation that are hurting and need our help. Hopefully Linda will have a less traumatic week this week and pray for her as she and Larry help in leading us in our ability to be better followers of Christ.  Keep doing good things, inviting others to come and visit us and pray for each other.  We will see you on Sunday.  We love you very much!

Pastor David & Priss


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