Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of March 3

Pam is thankful for God’s grace and mercy and that she had a good report from the doctor.  Ruth is thankful that she got her building fixed.  Teresa is glad to be here.  Lupe says her son is doing well and may be back to work this week.  Pastor David is thankful for a blessing at work.  Brenda is thankful for her job and extra work for Don.

Priscilla passed along a prayer request from the neighbor who makes the gift baskets for us for members of her family who are sick.  Keep praying for healing of Proscilla’s knee.  Kim wants to stay on a new medication that is really helping her but it is giving her problems.  Keep praying for Twyla who is being sent home for hospice care tomorrow.  Pray for Joe and the rest of her family.  Pray for Brenda’s nephew Clint who needs a job and to make good decisions.  Anita prays for health and is in need of a job.

Thank The Lord for what He has already done and be a blessing this week!


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