Sunday March, 3 2013 "You are a fig tree so act like it"

I hope you were in church with us last week!  The Holy Spirit moved us in a different way.  Usually when Joel and his group come we can feel the Spirit right from the start and we are lifted to a higher place.  This week it seemed the mood was very heavy as we began to worship but we did see the spirit move and by the end of the service we had been ministered to.  There was praying for healing and praying for finances, there was praying for our spiritual well being as well as the ministry of this church.  I am excited about what is ahead for us over the next weeks both in our personal lives and as the body of this fellowship.

This week I am going to continue on from a couple of weeks ago when we talked about why we do the things we don’t want to do.  The second part of this sermon is OK how can we change?  The scripture vs this week are in Luke the 13Th Chapter vs 1-9.  In these verses God is showing his patience with us but also showing what he expects out of us. If we refuse to produce the fruit that we are meant to produce then we will be cut down.  This is a powerful lesson that we need to learn.  God is not asking us to produce fruit that we are not capable of producing.  He expects us to use the gifts he has given us to advance his kingdom.  We cannot do that if we do not understand God’s love for us and if we don’t love him back.

I hope you will be in church this week and I hope you will invite someone to come with you. It was so nice to see Linda back in Church this week.  She has been through so much but she fighting through it every day.  Please pray for Pris as she may have to have surgery on a torn ligament in her knee.  I will let you know when we know more.  Keep doing good things and please pray for the people of Bartimaeus Baptist Temple every day.

We Love you all!!!!

Pastor David & Pris


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