Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of May 13

Pam is thankful for a wonderful week.  John is thankful that he woke up this morning.

Kelly prays for the strength in her left leg to keep improving and for her sister Shelly.  Ruth asks that we keep praying for Pauline who has colon cancer that is inoperable because of her weakened condition.  Elke is undergoing chemotherapy.  Remember Algie who had a stroke, fell and broke her hand, and is now on a feeding tube.  Brenda’s daughter Sara is still in pain after treatment for endometriosis.  Pam asks us to keep praying for her aunt Rose’s friends George and Birdie.  Sandy will be leaving for Israel soon.  Jana reminds us to pray for those who can’t be with us.  Teresa called Pastor David to say she couldn’t come because she was in some kind of pain.  Keep praying for Kim’s foot and her overall health to improve.


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