Sunday May 13 2012 " Is it well with your Family? "

We had a great service last week and it was so good to see some faces that had been missing. This is the week of Mother’s day and I am excited to be able to honor our Mothers on Sunday.  Valentine’s day may be a made up holiday for Stores and florist but I can not think of a better person to have a special day then Mothers.  There is no greater gift to a child then to have good Christian parents and let’s face it Mothers spend more time with the children then anyone in most cases.  What is it we can do to show our Mothers what they mean to us?  Tell them, then show them by our actions.  Nothing means more to a parent then to see our children being a blessing to others. What is the fruit we produce as branches to Jesus vine?  Loving others.  Mothers are the example of loving others.  Who is that says when there are 5 people at the table and only four pieces of pie says “I don’t really care for pie.”  Who is it that we go to when we are hurting and need someone just to hold us? Who is it that listens to our stories and is excited about them even when we tell them over and over? It’s out Mothers.  God created Mothers to remind us how much he loves us.  I hope your Mother is still with you but if not, remember her this Sunday and thank God for her.

This week Linda is going to bring the Sunday School lesson and Larry has a special song for the Mothers this week.  My message is going to be the story of a terrific Mother.  The scripture verse this week will be found in 2 Kings 4: 8-37.  This is the story of a shunammite woman who was given a prophecy by Elisha that within a year she would have a child.  She did not believe him because she was older and had never bore a child. Sure enough she had a son.  This is the story of a Mother’s love and the grace of God.  I hope you will be in church this week and I hope all the Mothers will feel like an honored guest in our service this week.

Keep praying for those that need our help and lets make sure we are available to do the work God is providing for us.  Lets do GREAT things in the name of Jesus and remember God has a blessing for you today.  Don’t miss it by having a negative attitude and a unforgiving spirit.  We Love you and can’t wait to see you on Sunday.

Pastor David & Priss


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