Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday service of May 6

Ruth asks us to pray for Pauline who has colon cancer.  She asks us to pray for Algie, who among other things recently fell and broke her hand.  Pray for Daniel who has prostate cancer.  Little Stephen for whom Ruth has been asking us to pray is doing well and staying at Ronald McDonald House.  Keep praying for little Ethan who needs a heart.  Pam prays for her aunt’s friend George in the hospital with pneumonia and another friend with Alzheimer’s.  Pam praises the Lord that she is free of pain.  Kelly is getting a cold.  Pray for Teresa’s family and that things work out so that she can keep coming to church.  Pray for Elke’s health.  Don asks prayer for Florence who recently had a step daughter die along with her unborn child.  Jana is thankful that her daughter is better.  She asks prayer for her family.  Kelly prays for Shelly to find a job.  Keep praying for Glen.  Anna offers praise that her daughter was not hurt in the car accident last week.  Kim is having trouble with arthritis in her ankle making it hard to walk.  Lupe rejoices that she has recovered and thanks everyone for praying.  Dede is having blurred vision.  Pray for her family situation.  Pray for Martin and for Benny.

Be fruitful this week.


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