Sunday May 6, 2012 "What's in a Vine?"

Well we have made it into May.  We have a new roof at the church and new windows will be installed in the next few weeks.  I hope we have learned to appreciate what God is doing in our ministry.  I enjoyed the service last week and I am looking forward to the exciting events ahead.  I hope you will make your plans to spend these Summer Sundays in our cool air-conditioned church.

This week I am going to talk about what Jesus means when he says “ I am the vine”. The scripture verse this week is found in Gospel of John 15: 1-8.  Jesus is trying to make the people understand what he is telling them and he is using an example that they all know.  The people of Judea knew about vineyards like the people in Texas know about farming.  Growing grapes was very profitable back in those days.  Jesus was constantly trying to explain the kingdom of God in ways the people could understand.  We are going to use this analogy to our lives today on Sunday. Are we bearing fruit and if so what kind of fruit?  These verses in John speak very frankly that those branches that do not bear fruit will be cut away and destroyed. I hope we leave the service on Sunday ready to be the fruit bearing people.  What is God expecting from us?  And what should we expect from ourselves?  I hope you will be with us on Sunday as we try to answer these questions.

I am sorry I forgot to write down the prayer request, without Larry and Linda being in the service I am just lost .  I guess you two cannot be out anymore!  I do know that we need to be praying for Elke. She has started going to her chemo treatments and she is not feeling very well right now.  Hopefully she will feel better as soon as she is through with the treatment.  We had quite a few members out on Sunday and we want to encourage you to speak to those who we missed and make sure they know we missed them.  Keep doing good things and get pressing forward.  I know many of you are struggling with your finances in these summer months I know how you feel I told my wife it seems like we live so far beyond our income that it may almost be said we are living apart.  I know God has great things for all of us.  Lets just keep working as hard as we can for the Master.  We will see you on Sunday!!!!

Pastor David & Pris


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