Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of October 9

Rejoice with us over the prayers our God has answered!  Pray with us over these requests.
Tim is glad to have work on his home progressing well.  Anna starts a new job in two weeks.  Didi is thankful for the blessings she has received through others lately.
Keep praying for Cathy’s friend Gregg who is back in the hospital and in a lot of pain.  Pray for the family of Robert Seay who recently passed away.  Ruth asks prayer for her cousin in Georgia who has not been feeling well and they are without power because of the storm.  Keep praying for Kelly, Shelly and Clarke.  Pray for Anna as she remembers her mother’s passing at this time last year.  Edith is out due to pain.  Debra is also still dealing with pain.  Ruth wants us to pray for her eyes.  Kim is having pain in her feet.  Keep praying for Didi also.  Lisa’s son Cory is suffering from bronchitis.  Pray for Brenda’s daughter Sarah who needs a new job.  Galen is having health problems.
Be an answer to prayer this week!

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