Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of October 2

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
Kelly says she keeps getting better.  Ruth thanks the Lord for giving her ninety years.  Her birthday was last week.  Cathy says they had a good party for her yesterday.  Anna praises God that she is recovering from her reaction to poison ivy.  Cindy praises the Lord for good things happening with her family and with Mary.
Cathy’s friend Gregg went back into the hospital with organ damage but he is still cancer free.  Another acquaintance is on hospice.  I missed the name due to technical difficulties.  Priscilla’s new grand baby is sick. Brenda prays for Ray in the hospital on antibiotics.  Anita asks prayer as she goes in for medical treatments.  Cindy asks continued prayer for family and household.  Ruth prays for her eyes to get better.  Keep praying for Priscilla’s father.  His anniversary was this month.  Pray for pastor Ron in Pennsylvania, the pastor of Stephanie’s parents who are with us today.  He recently lost a parent.  Keep praying for Clarke and Shelly.
Be blessed to be a blessing this week!

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