Praise and Prayer Requests from Sunday Service of September 25

Rejoice with us and pray with us.
Linda is thankful to have found another accessible gas station.  Pastor David and Priscilla enjoyed their vacation.  Cathy’s friend Gregg is home and continuing to improve.
Priscilla is having more trouble with her knee. Kim has laryngitis.  I’m having more headaches.  Didi asks prayer for cousin Suzette who may have throat cancer.  She is also concerned for the health of her cousin Ringo.  Ruth’s beautician France’s will be undergoing treatment for cancer.  Edith will have her  biopsy on Tuesday.  Pray for the Williams family.  They have lost two children to illness and the third is sick with the same condition.  Pray for Richard Blake.  He wants to come but doesn’t feel well enough when the time comes.  Clarke is out of the hospital.  Keep praying for his speedy recovery.  Tim and Cindy are home dealing with a sewer line break.  Keep praying for Debra.
Let God answer prayer through you this week!

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