Sunday February 10, 2013 "stuck between a rock and a hard place"

It was another great Sunday at BBT last week.  We had another good group and we really had a chance to share with each other in the Sunday school time along with the prayer requests.  Larry and Linda were still out last week so I am sorry to say the prayer request list did not get posted.  One of the prayers lifted up last week was for Larry, as he had to go into the hospital on Saturday night with an infection in his leg.  Linda got to come home from the rehab center on this same Saturday.  The good news is that Larry has been released and both he and Linda are home together AT THE SAME TIME!!!  We have missed both of them so much but I am hoping they may be able to be in church Sunday.

I talked about how important Love is in our Christian life last week, this week I want us to look at why we keep doing the things we do not want to do.  Paul talks about this in our scripture versus this week.  We will be in Romans the 7Th Chapter vs 19-25.  Paul cries out that he keeps doing the things he does not want to do and does not do what he should be doing.  Sound familiar? If you say that is not a problem for you then you are kidding yourself.  If you think that you are not doing anything wrong and that you are doing everything you should be doing then it is time for you to wake up and smell the coffee. You are in worse shape than those who know that they are messed up, because you are in denial.  I want us to look at why we are doing the things we do.  Sometimes we try to make excuses or blame others for our sin.  I hope we can look at ourselves this Sunday and maybe understand why we do some of the things we do.  It is time to take responsibility for our actions and also be able to forgive ourselves when we realize we have messed up and repent from it.

I hope you will be in Church on Sunday afternoon to share what you have with a group of people who really want to share what they have.  I am so excited about the future because we serve a great God and he has great things planned for us.  Keep doing good things ever where you go and keep praising God regardless of your circumstances. He deserves it!

We Love you so much

Pastor David and Pris


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