Sunday February 3, 2013 "What has Love got to do with it? "

What a great day we had last week in church.  Joel and Bob came and led us in praise and we really felt the Holy Spirit move through our midst.  It was really a moving experience. We had a good group and it I hope you were there.  We missed pastor Larry and Linda but Linda is doing better and may be out of the rehab center as early as next week.  I love it when I leave church on Sunday and I know that I was in the presence of God.  I hope you will be with us this Sunday as we invite the Holy Spirit to visit with us again.

This week I am going to talk about Love and how important God says Love is.  We are going to read the love chapter in 1st Corinthians 13 vs 1 through 13.  This is the entire chapter. You hear these verses read many times at weeding and we hear how Paul describes Love, but do we really understand how God feels about Love.  These scripture tells us Love is more important than our spiritual gifts more important than Hope even more important than Faith! That is not coming from me it is in these scriptures.  God is saying if you do not have Love than you are not my disciple.  We need to understand what this Love is, it is not the romantic Love we have for our spouse, it is the love we have for everyone regardless of their love for us.  I know you have heard me talk about this before but I want you to know how important Love is.  It cannot be replaced with kindness, good deeds, or good intentions. Love comes from inside of us and it matters not what this person looks like or sounds like or acts like.  We have to love them because Christ created them and he loves them.  I hope you will be in church on Sunday and I hope you will feel the Love.

Keep Larry and Linda in your prayers this week and I am trying to reach Breedlove and Jana as they have been out a couple of weeks.  Please pray everything is OK with them. If you have a special prayer request please call me and let me get it on the prayer chain.  If you just want someone to speak with call me and let me try and encourage you as we move forward in 2013.  I expect great things for our church this year and I expect the people of this church to do great things in name of Jesus.  You have my family’s prayers for you daily and I hope you will remember this ministry in your prayers.

We Love you so much!

Pastor David & Pris


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